Which Rhino™ Coffee Gear Pitcher is best for you?

Rhino™ Coffee Gear have brought to the market a range of pitchers that can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. Since the range was released, there have been several questions asked by users: what is different about them? What is the pitcher that suits me best?

Rhino pitchers have three categories, Classic, Professional, and Stealth. Each of these categories have their own place in the market and have been released in the three most popular sizes: 360ml (12oz), 600ml (20oz) & 950ml (32oz). Developed and designed by people who understand the needs of those working in the specialty coffee industry, Rhino Coffee Gear Pitchers are made for durability and precision pouring.

All three styles have been manufactured with high quality food grade stainless steel to provide a quality commercial feel. All three styles offer a spout which allows milk to be poured at various speeds with ultimate control and precision. This design is becoming well recognised throughout the industry and has gained positive feedback from a number of the world’s leading baristas.

The Ergonomically-designed handle is extremely comfortable, being designed to evenly distribute the weight of the pitcher whilst pouring. This makes it effortless for baristas who choose to use them in a fast paced commercial setting.

The Classic range is where the collection begins. The 0.7mm thick stainless steel provides a great alternative for the barista who prefers a lighter pitcher.

The spout design has been crafted to cater for slow-paced pouring techniques.

Click here to view the Classic Range of Pitchers. 

Rhino Professional Pitchers provide optimum heat retention with the 1mm thick stainless body. The pitcher provides an all-round professional feel and is perfect for both domestic and commercial environments. 

The Professional range have internal laser-etched measurements on both sides of the pitcher, with the scaled increments are set in both millimetres and ounces. Unlike other branded pitchers where stamped increments can be seen on the outer wall of the pitcher, the laser etching maintains a smooth and clean finish.

The increments provide a stable ‘fill mark’, meaning baristas can consistently hit a particular increment for various sized cups, minimising wastage and in turn saving money on the daily milk bill. 

Click here to view the Professional Range of Pitchers. 

The Stealth Pitcher is where Rhino Coffee Gear have taken their premium range to a whole new level.

The Stealth pitchers feature the 1mm body from the professional range as a foundation, with a premium dual non-stick coating added to both the inside and outside walls. The dual non-stick coating is what sets Rhino aside from other popular brands.

The Stealth range also includes a premium finish which is highly regarded as one of the most durable coatings available. Unlike other coloured pitchers that are currently available with colour on external walls only, the Rhino Stealth range is coated internally and externally, as all materials used are 100% food safe. 

Click here to view the Stealth Range of Pitchers. 

The various colours available can be used to easily distinguish various milk types in a busy café, or alternatively, the colour variances can also be used to compliment the café or household theme.

Which Rhino Coffee Gear Pitcher will you be using next?