Rhino™ Coffee Gear Handgrinders: What's the Difference?

 Tall or Short?

With the release of the new Rhino Coffee Gear Compact handgrinder, the question has been raised: what are the differences between the tall and short  (compact) handgrinders?

The most obvious starting point is the size – the tall grinder offers a larger 42g capacity.  It is a perfect companion when you are brewing for more than just yourself. In contrast the compact hand grinder can hold  21 – 23g. This is a perfect size for most brewing methods especially Aeropress and its smaller capacity and compact size makes it easier to fit into a compact travel ‘brew’ kit (the body actually fits inside an Aeropress). 

To achieve the compact size, the burrs are slightly smaller but are still a great quality conical ceramic set. The comfortable grip handle still has that smooth 'easy to use action' and doesn’t come off during use (which can happen with many other brands). Both grinders have managed to stabilise the core so the burrs stay firmly in position when grinding. The quality and consistency of grind is tested using varying grade micron geotech screens. Both Rhino Coffee Gear grinders produce excellent results compared with other popular hand grinders.

The new compact grinder includes an adaptor that allows it to neatly connect to the Aeropress, saving on space required to brew and makes the whole process much easier. Both units sell for $59.95 USD.

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